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T-Tours Photo Workshops Sneffels Range, Colorado

T-Tours are photography workshops lead by Tibor Vari exploring our western states. These trips are typically seven days on location and offered once or twice a year. So if you want to visit locations that will inspire your photographic creativity and arouse the wonder and awe of America's beauty, join Tibor on one of his trips to our National Parks. You will not only see the wonder of nature, but learn all aspects of landscape photography (creative, composition, and techniques), while getting great images that will look great in your home or office. Single one on one workshop sessions are also available in the Colorado Springs area. 

You will learn from hands on experience in the field how to use photo techniques to find artistic and effective compositions, use of filters, tripods, and understanding your digital histogram. The intent is to have a good time, get great shots, and learn about photography! You will come home a better photographer!

Key notes:
  • Fee includes hotels, car rentals, and gas.
  • Client is responsible for making their own flight reservations and food costs.  I will pick you up and drop you off at the designated airport.
  • Minimum number of participants is 3 and the maximum is 6 so I can provide personalized instruction for each participant.
  • Detailed clothing and equipment lists provided upon signup.
  • A waiver form will have to be signed. Please print out and submit with your deposit the  ReleaseForm
  • Deposit and payment schedule can be found in the trip details links below.
  • Each trip has details on how much hiking is required.
  • We will make all sunrise and sunset shots except on travel days.
  • Click the workshop location below for further details.

Nothing set in stone as yet.  However, based on my work and photo travel schedule, It does not appear likely that I will run a full workshop. If you are interested in a weekend or other ideas, feel free to reach out to me.
Here is an example of a workshop I ran in Colorado  Colorado Fall Foliage Workshop

El Capitan from Valley View
Questions? email Tibor

Client Quotes:

"Thanks so much for a great workshop! Every location we visited was wonderful, with lots of possibilities for fantastic photographs. I was thrilled that we made it to more places than originally expected and that you were willing to stop when we spotted something we wanted to shoot. Your instructions and guidance were invaluable - I never would have managed such great photos on my own. Your enthusiasm and good humor kept everyone in the best of spirits. I learned so much, had tons of fun, and came home with some winner shots."  Kathy D.

"I look for 3 things in a good guide: knows the subject, is a good teacher, is attentive to the variety of skills and needs of the group.  Tibor is excellent on all 3 counts.  He “did his homework” on our Zion trip; he was an excellent teacher taking into account the skills and needs of the group; he had a well timed agenda but did not force it upon the group.   I would go with him again! Dave P.

"As a new photographer, on my very first trip, I learned a great deal, in an exciting, enjoyable and memorable way.  Best of all, I got great satisfaction with the results that I brought home with me.  Tibor  is a skillful teacher with lot of patience.  He knew just where and when to take us for that sunup and sunset shot.  I'm anxiously looking forward to his next western trip."   Bob P.